Welcome to VIP Garage

Your detailing and ceramic coating service in Kaiserslautern

Welcome to VIP Garage

Your detailing and ceramic coating service in Kaiserslautern

About Us

We are the Opti-Coat Center in Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, founded in 2020 out of our passion for cars!
We exclusively work with the Opti-Coat Pro Line, which produces one of the only permanent coatings in the market (Silicone Carbide), accompanied by a certified warranty.

Our goal is to continue being leaders in the automotive protection and detailing sector, and we are honored to serve those who serve!

What is the benefit of a ceramic coating?

Ultimate Protection

Our ceramic coating is 100x more resistant to acids and enzymes than factory paint.

Ultimate Gloss & Shine

The Opti-Coat Pro Line gives your car a fantastic gloss and shine with an insane slickness that eases the maintenance process.

up to lifetime warranty

The Opti-Coat Pro Line coatings are silicone carbide based, therefore bind to the paint making them permanent coatings once installed and cured. We offer up to a life-time warranty to back up this claim!

Save Time & Money

Washing your vehicle has never been so easy as it is with an Opti-Coat Protective Coating! Saves you TIME & MONEY.

Get your ceramic coating now!

Ultimate Gloss. Ultimate Protection.

Our coatings keep your car looking like new, every day.
We offer four different types of ceramic coatings and up to a lifetime warranty.


Optimum Gloss Coat3 YEARS

We’re happy when you’re happy.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. So we do our best, every day on every car. Come and see for yourself!


Recent Projects

Experience Opti-Coat ®

What People are Saying

We guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.
But don’t just take our word for it, see what everyone else is saying!

I love the place they are knowledgeable and very professional. It is so inviting I stayed there throughout the whole process and I’ll do it again. No cap, they are the best car dealership in town and they are certified to do install opti-coat. Big shout out to Dennis and the whole crew that cleaned my car today.

Ginseler Saint-vil
via Google

Best in the area! The team immediately made me feel at home and their work was impeccable! I have found my detailing shop for the rest of my stay in Germany.
Thank you team for your professionalism and amazing work!

Steven Sanchez
via Google

The name fits! VIP 100% They were very professional and gave me an excellent orientation. Several months in and I am convinced! My vehicle looks awesome, the maintenance is painless and still as hydrophobic as when I picked up!
Opti-Coat Pro+ all the way! A++ Service
Thanks gentlemen for the awesome work!

Rafael Torres
via Google

The service at VIP Garage was better than the dealership where I bought the car!!!
Thank you VIP Garage!!!
Not only was the service impeccable but the level of courtesy and professionalism was the reason that I decided to trust you with my baby!
After the orientation it was clear to me that I was in the right place! I have some experience with ceramic coatings but Opti-Coat is definitely above the rest!

Jorge Garcia
via Google

VIP Garage gave me a better treatment than the dealership that sold me the car! Thank you VIP for facilitating the delivery process and of course for the amazing job on the ceramic coating. Loving the hydrophobic effect! 😍 You will definitely hear from me again!

Veronica Gonzalez
via Google

These guys are the best if your looking for the VIP experience for ceramic coating, this is the shop. They even went the extra mile and detailed the inside side of my car and keep me up to date with the progress. A+++++ customer service highly recommended.

Blake Clark
via Google

What are you waiting for?

Get your ceramic coating now and enjoy the ultimate gloss and shine your car will have.

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